Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Two weeks of print over and now onto animation!

So for the last two weeks I had been in the print elective with Des and Fiona. I learned so much in print, how to do drypoint, woodblock and I improved on my monoprinting technique a lot.  We didn't need to use our blogs much so hence why I'm only updating my blog now! 

So yesterday I started animation. We have to create a 15 second stop motion. The heading I picked was I opened the door and... so I got to brainstorming and came up with a whacky random idea! I talked to Paul about it and he told me to go for it, no matter how crazy it was. The crazier the better! 

Okay so here's my story so far, well knowing me I'll probably add a zombie penguin or flesh eating marshmallows somewhere along the way! 
  • A cat is walking along and suddenly spots a door with a sign saying STAY OUT written on it. The cat stared at the door for a second and then looks back at the camera with a cheeky grin. 
  • The cat opens the doors and walks through it into a seemingly empty room. 
  •  He comes across a wooden box and he stops and stares at it curiously before dropping to the ground and crawling towards it. 
  • The box starts to make noise so the cat pokes it. The box then jumps into the air and continues to make noise.
  • Suddenly a penguin flies out of the box sitting on a UFO. The penguin hops off it and walks away. 
  • The cat stares in shock as the UFO slowly moves towards him.
  • The UFO stops over the cat and shines a beam of light onto him. 
  • It ends with the cat staring at the camera scared and confused. 

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